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  Jiangsu Ruimande Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of travelers Xu Xiake - Jiangyin Xu Xiake Town, Department of professional R & D and production of power system automation products of high-tech companies. Since its inception, relying on domestic and foreign research institutions, power system technicians and company technical staff, committed to the field of high-tech electric power automation product development, production and sales.

  At present, the company's main products are: power system monitoring and management solutions, intelligent power meters, power quality control, electrical safety. Widely used in electric power, coal, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, transportation, construction and other fields. By the customer's widespread concern and recognition.

  Companies focus on technological innovation, always concerned about cutting-edge technology, under the premise of ensuring the quality of new technologies will continue to be integrated into the product. The use of advanced information management system, manufacturing process strictly enforce the IS09001 management standards for the company's industrial products, large-scale implementation to provide protection.

  The company will environmental protection, energy conservation into RMD this brand, its many kinds of low-power energy-saving products in the industry has a good reputation. Since its inception, Rehmande uphold the philosophy of "goodness and goodness, good morality". Committed to the development of power systems and products and sales, to the industry leader in line, and strive to go beyond, and the implementation of integrity management, people-oriented, go all out to customer satisfaction, word of mouth and word of mouth!