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Smart home lighting market three major trends

Date:2018/1/5 22:14:06 / Popularity:

  With the construction of mobile internet of things and the maturity of the industry chain, smart home solutions based on NB-IoT / eMTC will gradually give full play to its unique advantages and break the barrier of connection between different devices through a unified transmission protocol to facilitate smart home manufacturers to create Scenario-based intelligent products and services, and gradually establish an industry data model, dig deeper into the value of mass user data.

  With the improvement of living standards, more and more intelligent products enter the families of consumers, smart home is no longer a luxury in the high-end consumer market, but more and more widely accepted by the average family, and when smart home Encounter smart lighting, this is a topic worth exploring in the moment.

Smart home lighting market three major trends

  Intelligent lighting is the basis of the entire smart home, especially suitable for large-scale housing, it will make life convenient and comfortable. Lighting control systems are divided into stand-alone, room-specific or large-scale networking systems in which the dimming devices are installed in electrical cabinets and operated by a network of external devices such as sensors and control panels. The advantage of a networked system is the ability to control different areas of the room from a number of points. In the home, a control panel can be installed on the wall near the main entrance as the main control point for multiple rooms.

  Compared with the traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve the purpose of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency, so intelligent lighting has good development prospects in the field of smart home.

Green application prospects can be expected

  When energy saving has become a major issue related to the sustainable development of social economy such as competitiveness in the international market, resource conservation and environmental protection, it is inevitable to vigorously promote the construction and renovation of the "green home". In the process of building a green home, using intelligent lighting control system brings the effect is very significant. Green lighting applications include the rational use of light sources, electrical accessories, lamps, wiring equipment and dimming and light control devices. For example, full use of natural light, the use of energy-efficient electrical accessories (such as energy-saving ballast and electronic ballast to replace the traditional high-energy inductive ballast), using a variety of energy-saving control devices or devices, using intelligent Lighting control system.

  To achieve intelligent lighting

  The use of intelligent lighting control system, you can make the lighting system works in full automatic state, the system according to a number of basic conditions set in advance to work, these states will set the time each other automatically switch. For example, when a working day is over, the system will automatically enter the night work status, automatically and gently dim each area of light; the same time, the system's motion detection will also take effect automatically, the unmanned area lights automatically turn off , The area will be adjusted to the appropriate light illumination; In addition, you can also programmatically change the brightness of the various regions to adapt to various occasions, different scenarios. Intelligent lighting can automatically adjust the illumination to the level of the most suitable work. For example, natural daylight near the windows and other places where the system will make good use of natural light lighting; when the weather changes, the system can still automatically adjust the illumination to a suitable level. In short, no matter in any place or how the weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination to maintain a predetermined level.

   Energy-saving effect is remarkable

   In practical application, intelligent home energy-saving lighting system is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First, focus on management, reduce human waste. Man-made lighting energy waste phenomenon is very serious, no matter the room was still no one, often the "long light." Intelligent lighting system can be decentralized control and centralized management, managers can turn off the unmanned room lights by operating the keyboard. Second, automatic dimming, can make full use of natural light. Intelligent lighting system in the light-sensing switch by measuring the illumination of the work surface, compared with the set value, the control of the lighting switch, so you can maximize the use of natural light, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation, but also to provide an independent of the seasonal and external climate The relatively stable visual environment.

   In general, the higher the natural light intensity closer to the window, the lower the illuminance provided by the artificial lighting, but the synthetic illuminance should be maintained at the designed illuminance value. Third, easy to install, save the cable. Intelligent lighting system uses two-wire control, the bus system will be the input unit, the output unit and system components connected to the large cross-section of the load cable from the output of the output unit directly connected to the lighting or other electrical load , Without going through the smart switch. Installation do not have to consider any control, the installation of the entire system and then set the software through the address of each unit code in order to establish the corresponding control relationship. Because the system only uses the load cable connection between the output unit and the load, a large amount of cables that are originally connected to the ordinary switch are saved as compared with the traditional control method, the installation construction time is shortened, and the labor cost is saved. Fourth, to extend the life of the light source. The cause of damage to the light source is the grid over-voltage, over-voltage control can effectively extend the life of the light source. Intelligent lighting control system uses soft start mode, can control the grid impact voltage and surge voltage, so that the filament from thermal shock, light source life is extended. Intelligent lighting system can usually extend the life of light source 2 to 4 times, not only save a large number of light sources, but also greatly reduce the workload of replacing the light source, effectively reducing the operating costs of the lighting system, but also avoid dealing with the environmental pollution caused by waste light problem.

LED to create a new future of intelligent lighting

   The market capacity of lighting products in 2014, LED is still hot and sought after object, the traditional light source market is shrinking, and compared to LED lighting, intelligent lighting market capacity is still small, but now has more and more LED lighting manufacturers Through the integration of technology and research and development, LED and intelligent combination, no doubt this is the most obvious trend of smart home lighting applications.

LED light source because of its long life, high luminous efficiency and controllable advantages, more and more applications to all fields. The rise of the smart home market led LED lighting control, domestic and foreign manufacturers have smell the business opportunities in the field of lighting control force. Philips released hue smart bulbs in 2012. In addition to Philips, many LED lighting manufacturers have seen this opportunity to begin developing home LED products that support a variety of intelligent lighting. LED smart lighting is now becoming an exciting smart home technology. Admittedly, one of the reasons why many users have not really purchased a smart bulb is that they are expensive. Such as the well-known Philips Hue, although providing a wide range of connectivity, with WIFI speakers and other smart home products, interactive, but a few hundred dollars a unit price is still prohibitive. You know, the lighting system is one of the home improvement, not everyone can afford to install thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars.

   A good sign is that with the intense competition, some smart bulbs that sell at a low price are also increasing. Such as Tabu LuMini LED, a single cost of tens of dollars, although the use of Bluetooth connectivity, but also to achieve a range of wireless switches, color operation, is a very good introductory product. Low-cost smart bulbs more significance lies in marketing, so that more users can try to lower costs. I believe in the future, based on WIFI connection of the real smart light bulbs, will gradually reduce costs and help users create smarter home lighting systems.

  Smart home how to control intelligent lighting

  With the continuous development of the Internet, Internet of Things and big data, smart home is controlling these technologies. Therefore, the smart home industry need to understand some of the problems of intelligent lighting.

1, use habits. Due to lack of understanding of intelligent lighting, prone to psychological resistance.

2, maintenance problems. The intelligence needs through the computer and the programming, controls by the weak electricity, to a certain extent need to consider the maintenance cost and the ease.

3, the market acceptance process. This is related to the complexity. Most people understand the advantages of intelligent lighting. They have doubts about one-time higher investment even though they can effectively control electricity bills.

Some people think that if the smart home business for general lighting have not yet mastered the concept, let alone discuss the use of intelligent lighting. In fact, the best solution is whether to establish an effective platform for the demand side, designers, suppliers to establish contact, to achieve a good effect. Indeed, the control and management of smart home need to be combined with the guidance of more professionals and groups. Mainly in the following areas:

1, the need to plan according to the design plan; 2, need to understand and plan customer habits; 3, to provide control system related drawings, with the light requirements, in addition, is to guide the work of owners; 4, the need to analyze traditional lighting and Intelligent lighting differences; 5, do cost analysis through lifestyle to understand how to get better quality of life through intelligent lighting; 6, field operating system.

  From these aspects, continue to expand the market share of intelligent applications. To achieve a good smart lighting space, designers and manufacturers need to cooperate with each other in the design process of the project case. The manufacturer is good at implementing technology. In this process, he needs to fully understand the theme and idea of the design scheme, provide reasonable lighting technology according to different space and lighting design atmosphere, and cooperate with the designer to complete the design work better.

   At the same time, smart home how to control smart lighting, but also reflected in the smart home lighting for effective intelligent control. For the control of lighting, since Edison invented the light bulb, people control the light by mechanical manual control mode, from the pull switch to the key switch, and then to the commonly used wall switch, the switch is driven by manual Mechanical mode, so if we want to achieve the future of intelligent lighting control, we must start with the research switch. The quiet rise of smart home recently, intelligent home appliances Wi-Fi intelligent control of lamps and lanterns, the reaction from the market point of view, the sales are not bad, indicating that the concept of smart lighting more and more clear, consumers have begun to wait and see stage into Real consumer stage, but Wi-Fi remote control lighting will become the mainstream of intelligent lighting control mode is hard to pin down. Therefore, the smart home business whether to consider borrowing the control mode of home appliances, lighting control technology can be upgraded to the same level with the appliance control technology in the future, in the realization of the overall home intelligent control, lighting and home appliances can be in the same Platform to achieve intelligent control. Through the control of home appliances technology for the smart home business on the direction of the development of lighting control technology to provide a new R & D ideas and feasibility programs.

    It is noteworthy that a phenomenon is that although LED has controllability, but a single product has been unable to meet the needs of the current market, in order to meet the overall needs of customers, more and more smart home lighting manufacturers hit the overall solution, the system of professional lighting Solution, a one-stop solution concept. The introduction of the overall solution not only emphasizes customized services, providing design concepts, but also a strategy. The face of many customers at this stage how to play the advantages of LED is not particularly clear, which requires businesses to provide them with the overall program services, eliminating the need for customers to look back on. To provide the overall solution is a manifestation of a sense of service enterprises, but also enterprises to improve their own competitiveness. It can be said that the combination of intelligent control and LED lighting will change the way people use lighting, it will significantly increase the added value of lighting products. The commercial value that intelligent control can bring is paid more and more attention by more and more enterprises. In order to seize the initiative in the era of intelligent LED lighting, many enterprises' products have not only stayed on the dimming level, Is to actively explore the intelligent control of the entire lighting system.


   Taking the coordination of people and environment as the starting point, we actively explore the customers' needs, make the general lighting and scene lighting organically integrate and realize the coordinated development of people and environment, so as to create a new era of lighting application with integration, intelligence and energy saving as the core It is our unshirkable responsibility and mission in the smart home industry. In terms of the current market trends and applications, what is certain is that LEDs will illuminate a new future for smart home lighting.