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Active filtering

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Active Power Filter

一, The product overview

  Active filtering is relative to passive filtering, where one is filtered by actively sending reverse harmonics (so-called active) and the other by passive absorption (so-called passive). Active filters work on the basis of "offset compensation". In power three-phase systems, in order to eliminate the harmonic currents, the filters calculate and completely inject the same harmonics in exactly the opposite direction. Based on the same principle of operation, the active power filter can correct the power factor, resulting in 3-phase sinusoidal current wave, to meet the load requirements.

  Active power filter is the use of full-controlled power electronic components to meet the power quality (power factor and harmonic) has a high level of user requirements. The APF device is connected in parallel between the power distribution system and the user equipment. The main function of the APF device is to ensure that there is no harmonic current and reactive current on the system side when harmonics and reactive currents are generated on the load side during the power supply of the power grid, Critical-sensitive devices operate normally in an undisturbed electrical environment without contaminating the grid.

  Active power filter device based on dual-DSP-based master controller and module driver hierarchical distributed controller system, and based on color touch screen man-machine interface with dynamic continuous smooth compensation, fast response, digital, automation, Intelligent, friendly man-machine interface, flexible control methods.

 二、 Model Description


Note: Other capacity can be customized, of which 50A is a box structure, 100A or more for the cabinet structure

 三、 The performance parameters

Rated Capacity







Rated voltage


Electrical wiring

Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire

Rated operating frequency


Filter range

2-50 harmonics (can be selectively filtered, each harmonic compensation can be set separately)

Filtering degree

Each harmonic can be selected for amplitude compensation setting

Automatic current limiting output function

When the load side of the harmonic current is greater than the device current, the device will limit the output current rating

Overheating protection

Radiator temperature exceeds 65 ℃ will automatically start the fan

Loss of pressure protection

The system voltage is lower than Un85%, the main circuit breaker will lose pressure protection, the device stops working

Overload protection

The current through the load exceeds the threshold and the unit stops working

Compensate for overcurrent protection

The device has two kinds of software and hardware protection. The software protection point (current peak value) can be set by itself. Generally it can be set as 2 times of the rated current (RMS) and the hardware protection point is 2.3 times of the rated current (RMS) When the current exceeds the protection threshold, the device stops and the corresponding fault is reported

System voltage protection

System voltage brown-out threshold or over-voltage threshold, the device stops working

DC voltage protection

The device has two kinds of software and hardware protection. The software protection point can be set by itself. Generally it can be set to 1.1 times of the normal voltage and the hardware protection point is 1.3 times of the normal working voltage. When the DC voltage exceeds the protection threshold, the device stops,

IGBT protection

IGBT internal temperature exceeds 108 ℃, the device stops working, reported IGBT fault

electric shock

IGBT power module 2 times the rated current

Filtering capabilities


Filter effect

  Meet the GB / T14549-93 standards

Compensation mode

1, make up the harmonic wave, the harmonic frequency is optional

2, make up harmonic and reactive power, some models are optional

Overload capacity


Multiple operating modes

Parallel operation

On-off level


Response time


Control algorithm

Field Filtering Vector Compensation Algorithm with Adaptive Capability



Display method

touch screen

Communication function

Modbus RTU protocol, RS232 (Standard)

Control connection

Fiber optic connection, electrical connection

Device power loss

Rated full load operation, the loss does not exceed 3% of the rated power

Degree of protection


Lightning damage level

Contamination level

Installation should not be less than the specified pollution level 3 in the environment

cooling method

Forced air cooling

Power consumption



     65dBASound level)

Installation method

Cabinet for floor installation, parallel distribution cabinet with the adjacent installation (contour), the cable from the bottom of the device into the line, the box can be determined according to the scene

Ambient temperature

-5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C, and 24h average temperature is not higher than +35 ℃

storage temperature


Relative humidity

Indoor temperature below +20 ℃ 15% ~ 90%, non-condensing can, at +40 ℃ not more than 50%


Installation altitude is less than 1000 meters

Cabinet size



Cabinet weight







 四、 the product structure as shown below



Fifth, APF applications

RMD-APF is a serious power pollution, or power supply quality of high-demand enterprises, the need for power quality improvement of the ideal product. Can be widely used in metallurgical steel industry, communications industry, rail transit industry, tobacco industry, medical industry, water treatment industry, cement industry, automotive industry, process control industry, paper industry, solar industry, printing and dyeing industry, construction industry and other fields. Product quality is stable, reliable, good governance effect, at the same time to achieve the effect of energy saving, material saving, is the current harmonic current control technology, the latest direction of development.


Fifth, order example

Example: Model: RMD-APF-400 / 4R

Said RMD-APF series of active power filter, rated capacity of 400A, three-phase four-wire system for the installation of cabinets.