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Troubleshoot security risks Escort festival electricity

Date:2018/2/7 10:37:59 / Popularity:

  On the morning of December 31, State Grid Jiangsu Wujiang Power Supply Company Tongli Power Supply Substation came to Class 5A scenic spot - Tongli Ancient Town to understand the demand of ancient residential houses, hotels and scenic areas for power consumption, and to carefully inspect the lines, electrical equipment, etc. For electricity facilities, timely investigation of potential safety problems.

  With the approaching New Year holidays, Tongli ancient town will usher in the peak tourism, 

but the same evening "Hello 2016 · Hello in the same - the sixteenth Luoxingzhou Drum Morning 

Bell activities" will also be held here auspicious bell and other traditional Customs, and with the Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, Yangcheng Lake Peninsula three linkage, live broadcast New Year blessing activities. In order to fully guarantee the safe and reliable electricity supply during holidays and events, Wujiang Power Supply Company, while strengthening the real-time monitoring of power grid load and reasonably adjusting operation mode, drafted elite power reserve teams of 10 power-saving units to understand the demand for electricity and monitor the safety before the holiday Hidden trouble, the focus of activities during the festival scene stationed to strengthen the patrol way, the implementation of thoughtful and thoughtful power supply services. (Huang Feiying)