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Jiangsu Power Grid daily average of 8,000 people watch the Spring Festival duty stable

Date:2018/2/7 10:44:11 / Popularity:

  Zhongguang Wang Nanjing January 28 (Reporter Yang Shouhua) The reporter learned from Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company on the 28th that Jiangsu Power Grid was generally stable during the Spring Festival and safe production was stable. Compared with last year, the load of unified electricity in the province showed a slight increase situation.

  According to reports, as of noon on January 28, Jiangsu Electric Power Grid co-regulation of the largest electricity load appeared on New Year's Eve that day, 37.36 million kilowatts, an increase of 20.32%, the minimum electricity load in the beginning of the second year to 21.06 million kilowatts, an increase of 14.33 %.

  As of noon on the 28th, 95,598 telephone accesses totaled 166,386, of which 57,747 were manually answered and 18,902 fault repair tickets were distributed, of which the high-voltage trouble ticket 183 sheets, 11181 low-voltage trouble tickets, 7450 internal customer faults and other trouble tickets. According to reports, mostly low-voltage failure during the Spring Festival fireworks discharge caused by low-voltage lines near the line, are processed within the stipulated time. In Suzhou, on the very day of the New Year, Suzhou Power Supply Company dispatched the Haidian District dispatching dispatching dispatching remote workstations on the day to report a total of 75 total faults, of which 400 were low-voltage faults 28 and 43 were internal faults; The average arrival time in urban areas was 19 minutes, the average rural area was 26 minutes, the low-voltage repair time was 49 minutes, the arrival time and repair time were 100%, which fulfilled the task of repairing the electric power on the second day of Spring Festival holidays.

  Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company to protect the majority of urban and rural residents celebrate the Spring Festival, developed a credible and reliable power supply emergency plan. The province's daily average of 8,000 on duty duty on duty, all transportation hubs, subways, government agencies, shopping malls, news media, all kinds of emergency command centers and other cities run important customers are fine arrangements for the deployment of electricity safety services. In view of the characteristics of grid operation during the Spring Festival, Jiangsu Power Grid dispatching system strictly enforced the holiday duty system, rolling and correcting the estimated load, and reasonably arranging the operation of the generating units; the attendants at all levels monitored and adjusted the grid operation in real time, strictly implemented the electrical equipment overhaul plan and conscientiously completed the accident Deal with the plan.